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An Isolated Phase Bus Duct is specially designed to carry huge electric current in power plants or generator or transformer. It is really helpful in moving and adding branch circuit without affecting the overall load. These are suitable for generating high voltage current. For its safe and reliable operation Isolated Phase Bus Duct manufacturers offered it with a cooling device, pressurization system, manometer, pressure switch and other necessary components. All these accessories help it perform its function smoothly and safely as well.

Isolated Phase Bus DuctIsolated Phase Bus DuctIt generally carries high current, so air cooling or forced air cooling any of these techniques used to cool down this device. Before installing at your worksite don’t forget to check it welds, the presence of seals, earthing, a degree of equipment protection, corrosion protection and many other things which ensure its safe performance and a must for its operation. You should also test that it has the capability to withstand power frequency voltage. You should also take air and water tightness test before installing it on your site, otherwise, it may be harmful to your device.

These types of bus ducts are usually enclosed by an individual metal housing, which requires the pressurization system to maintain dry air to some extent positive pressure within the enclosed space. If you want to buy quality approved bus duct with all its required accessories you can contact Brilltech Engineers Pvt. Ltd a leading company that is recognized as prominent Electrical Bus Duct manufacturers based in Noida, India. We offer our device in all over the world and commit that you will never get the chance of complaining regarding the quality of the product.




Why Always Trust Bus Duct Manufacturers?

One of the major reasons to always consult Bus Duct manufacturers is that they never compromise with the quality and their experience show in the quality of their product. For a reputed company their customers are their priority and they never break their trust because of any reason, so, you should always buy from them if you want to get the full value of money.

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