Different Types Of Bus Duct And Its Uses

Different Types Of Bus Duct And Its UsesBus duct is mostly used in the industrial sites for effective and efficient supply of electricity. This is one of the effective methods of distributing power to various loads without facing any kind of trouble. Countless similar products available in the market but one of the best that provide great functional efficiency are Bus duct. The use of bus duct makes the use of machine easier that need to move again and again. Numerous types of Bus ducts available in the market for instance Plug-in bus duct, cable bus duct, electrical bus duct, sandwich bus duct, and 11KV bus duct and so on. Following are some of kinds of bus ducts and its uses in industrial sites.

Plug-in bus duct: Plug-in bus duct is mostly used to transfer electricity along the length of a building. These are well-known in the market because of their unique design, hi-technology, safety and cost-effective operation.

These are widely used in electric power transmission, high rise building wiring, multiple power plug& sockets, electrical and industrial wiring.

Cable Bus Duct: This type of bus duct is mostly used for conducting large currents between devices. And the best thing about cable bus duct is that it is very lower in price in comparison to any other types of bus duct.

Cable bus duct is mostly used in generator to transformers, transformers to switchgears, MCCs to large motors, generator to switchgears and many more. So, its necessary to buy these products from authorised cable bus duct manufacturers and suppliers.

Sandwich Bus Duct: This type of bus ductbecause of its strong structure, easy access, innovative design, low voltage drop and long life mostly in demand to distribute power from panels to different type of floors of building. 

Sandwich bus duct is efficient equipment in coordinating electric supply which is mostly used in commercial, residential and industrial projects.

11KV Bus Duct: 11KV bus duct mostly used to connecting different switchgears and linking main power to the entire building. It is very well-known for its strong structure and able to handle any climate pressure.

These kinds of bus ducts are very durable in nature and having a long working life. They require less maintenance because of its latest deign and hi technology. 

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